Higher Education

Higher Education

MAC has partnered with The George Washington University for the past decade in completing projects for the GWU School of Medicine and Health Sciences, School of Law, School of Chemistry and Physics, School of International Affairs, and the GWU Hospital Center. Major projects completed include the renovation of the Lisner Auditorium, the GWU Streetscape project and several GWU Ross Hall renovations. A full list of projects for GWU includes:
  1. The Lisner Auditorium Renovation
  2. M Street Office Renovation
  3. Ross Hall School of Health and Life Sciences
  4. GW Hospital Food Service Renovations
  5. Smith Hall 106 Class Room Renovation
  6. Ross Hall Lab Renovation 460 B, C, D
  7. Law School Town Houses Completion
  8. Foggy Bottom Alley Improvements
  9. The Law school Learning Center
  10. Streetscape 40-75 Boulevard Project
  11. Phillips Hall Class room Renovation 413
  12. The Elliott School of International affairs
  13. The Himmelfarb Library Renovation
  14. The Ross Hall 5th and 6th floor Renovations to corridors
  15. Corcoran Hall Lab Renovations
  16. G Street Graduate School Support Facility
GWU Confucius Center
GWU Confucius Center Washington, D.C

Client: The George Washington University
Status: Completed 2013

Continuing the partnership in higher education construction, MAC renovated The George Washington University’s (GWU) Confucius Center for Asian Studies. The 3 story historical brick building received a new exterior façade and interior trim work. New replica divided lite windows were installed to match the existing ones. Cosmetic finishes including real cement plaster finalized the renovation.

GWU City Hall
GWU City Hall Washington, D.C

Client: The George Washington University
Status: Ongoing

Completion of The George Washington University’s (GWU) City Hall renovation was an extensive demolition, abatement and renovation of the schools current graduate student apartment building. The final structure will be a 12 story residential building with 196 apartments. New interior finishes will be installed to give the building a modern feel. The City Hall renovation is currently underway and will be completed before the next school year in the fall.

GWU Deans Suite- Ross Hall
GWU Deans Suite- Ross Hall Washington, D.C

Client: The George Washington University
Status: Completed 2013

The Dean Suite project for The George Washington University (GWU) involved the demolition and complete reconstruction of the existing suite. Included in this was the installation of new HVAC and electrical systems, along with new framing and interior finishes.

The American Public University
The American Public University Charles Town, West Virginia

Client: The American Public University
Status: Completed 2013

Showcasing character and craftsmanship, MAC renovated a three story building for The American Public University’s (APU) technical student support department. The project was completed on track to be revealed for the start of the fall school year.