Data Centers / Switch Projects

Government Installation at Ft. Meade
Government Installation at Ft. Meade Ft. Meade, Maryland

Client: Government Agency at Ft. Meade
Status: Completed

This installation at Ft. Meade for a government agency required completing work in a highly secured building that housed water chiller pumps used to cool sensitive computer systems. MAC replaced steel support concrete mezzanine in critical condition. The challenge, beyond the controlled access security of the building, was to replace the floor while the chiller pumps were still operating. Through value engineering, MAC was able to keep chillers operational during construction, saving the agency $170,000. The customer was thrilled with MAC’s insightful planning which saved them money and produced a great result.

Catonsville Switch Battery Room
Catonsville Switch Battery Room Catonsville, MD

Customer: Verizon Wireless
Status: Completed 2007

The Catonsville Battery Room job tasked MAC with the challenge of replacing the floor with helical piles and reinforced slab within a short maintenance window, while also keeping all batteries online and powering the switch equipment. MAC was able to maintain vital switch equipment power by working in short windows and removing one battery unit at a time. By partnering with trusted concrete suppliers, MAC worked to procure a fast-curing, 2-day, 5000 PSI (pounds per square inch), concrete. This kept each battery unit’s down time to a minimum as not to affect switch equipment. Dust and vibration control was essential so the critical switch equipment was not disturbed in any way. MAC constructed temporary plywood walls with reinforced, static-free poly to control dust and protect the batteries from heavy equipment needed to do concrete and pile work. Concrete was saw cut and removed in small, manageable pieces to reduce vibration. This project was completed safely, on time and without damage or interrupted power to the batteries and vital switch equipment.

Annapolis Junction Switch
Annapolis Junction Switch Annapolis Junction, Maryland

Client: Verizon Wireless
Status: Ongoing

MAC has performed several major and minor projects at the Annapolis Junction Switch since 1999. In 2013, MAC performed extensive HVAC and power upgrades, including a new generator. Other work performed in the past by MAC includes: battery room renovation, HVAC installation, office construction, in building wireless service, electrical upgrades, wallpapering, brick work, reroofing, carpet and ceiling tile repair. MAC also previously built a new cell site and tower after demolishing the old tower built in 1995. MAC is very thankful for the partnership it has with Verizon at this site and values the continued opportunity to work for them.