Distributed Antenna Systems

Ravens Stadium
Ravens Stadium Baltimore, Maryland

Client: Verizon Wireless
Status: Completed 2012

Mid Atlantic Contracting (MAC) was awarded the opportunity to install a distributed antenna system (DAS) and fiber optic cable system at M&T Bank Stadium, home to the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens. The new DAS provides fans with constant wireless coverage throughout the stadium, including reliable 4G LTE-capable data speeds. Mid Atlantic Contracting optimized the DAS design based on the unique limitations and conditions within the stadium. However the entire process, from site walk to installation, proved intensive due to the schedule and size of the deployment, and work continued throughout the football season. MAC rose to the challenge and the entire DAS became fully operational in December 2011, just before the season’s first playoff game and fitting well within the stadium’s timetable for completion.

The large installation brought in a total of 1,042 antennas, with 380 of them being panel antennas and the remaining 662 omni antennas. A total of 189,710 feet of coaxial cable was installed, which is enough to cover the distance from the stadium to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. MAC also placed 446 miles of fiber optic cables in the stadium, which when stretched out would reach from Baltimore to Quebec. The installation at M&T Bank Stadium took 103,318 man hours and 8,486 hours of testing, equating to over 12 years of work output. MAC also applied strict safety rules for the job, logging in a total of 840 hours.

Fed Ex
Fed Ex Landover, Maryland

Client: AT&T and Verizon Wireless
Status: Ongoing

MAC completed a major wireless project for wireless giants AT&T and Verizon Wireless at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, home of NFL’s Washington Redskins. MAC worked tirelessly to complete the different projects for each company simultaneously, focusing on a complete overhaul of wireless systems for AT&T while focusing on upgrades for Verizon. MAC pushed their resources and suppliers to the limit and employed the areas most talented subcontractors to get the job done quickly and professionally. The current wireless system for AT&T was removed entirely and replaced with new state of the art equipment to handle today’s technology. MAC upgraded and beefed up emergency power with new generators for Verizon. Outdated antennas were upgraded to the latest technology and along with new antennas, relocated throughout the stadium and surrounding event lots.

Comcast Center
Comcast Center College Park, Maryland

Client: Verizon Wireless and AT&T
Status: Ongoing

MAC was called upon by VZW and AT&T to lend its project management skills, safety standards, industry knowledge and skilled labor source to perform the more complex portions of the Comcast Center Distributed Antenna System project and create a successful launch. This primarily involved building out the head-end room with DAS equipment and taking on the technical installs. MAC brought in special equipment to reach the mounts in the gymnasium and install antennas provided by Verizon. A special flooring protection system was crafted to safeguard the court. MAC worked day and night to get the project completed within time restraints and was able to greatly satisfy the customer with the results. This project showcased MAC’s expertise in wireless services and high standards for safety practices.

Jiffy Lube Live
Jiffy Lube Live Bristow, Virginia

Client: Verizon Wireless
Status: Completed, Summer 2014

This Verizon Wireless dedicated DAS incorporated long utility runs and remote radio head locations with overall unique equipment locations. MAC pulled from their in-house civil crews to install custom access stairs. Jiffy Lube Live’s unique layout presented a challenge for some equipment. MAC tackled the issue with a fresh perspective, solving the challenge by suggesting a new and more easily serviceable location for the equipment, which resulted in a satisfied customer and successful project.