Emergency Services

9/11 As part of the first responder team, MAC was called upon to set up temp communications for The Pentagon on behalf of VZW. To this day, Mid Atlantic Contracting is proud that they were able to serve their country in a great time of need.
Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina Soon after one of the greatest natural disasters the United States has ever seen, Mid Atlantic Contracting was called upon to travel to Louisiana and provide Emergency Generators. MAC’s presence helped provide temporary communication availability in a region that had no coverage at all.
Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy
Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy When Hurricane Sandy barreled up the East Coast and caused massive destruction to beachfront towns, MAC was there immediately to aid and assist in clean up. MAC provided fuel for generators and back up support for cleanup and rebuilding efforts. MAC had crews spanning the Atlantic Coast from Virginia to New York.
Snowmagedden MAC’s crews worked around the clock for Verizon during the worst snowstorm with region had seen in decades. Crews removed snow from critical communication center rooftops that were threatening collapse from the deep snow. MAC also provided emergency generator fueling to dozens upon dozens of communication sites to keep power running and the sites operational. MAC also employed its own rare and one of a kind SnowCat to service a remote mountain top location.