Preakness Baltimore, Maryland

Client: Verizon Wireless
Status: Annual recurring project

MAC’s wireless arm fabricated and erected a custom 16 foot tower and installed 25 radio heads for Verizon to increase wireless coverage at the 149th annual Preakness in Baltimore. This install marked the first time a configuration of portable COLTs (cell on light truck) and CATs were combined from two wireless sites into one, resulting in flawless infield coverage. MAC also provided electrical service and backup power to the event. MAC looks forward to continuing its annual partnership and working on the 150TH annual Preakness in May 2015.

Inauguration Washington, D.C

Client: Verizon Wireless
Status: Completed, Winter 2012/2013

For the 2012 Presidential Inauguration, MAC constructed 4 temporary sites at different landmarks across Washington, D.C to handle the influx of wireless traffic over the three week celebratory period. Awarded by Verizon Wireless, the project included a temp monopole tower at the Air & Space Museum; a COLT at the National Museum of Natural History; a temp COLT and portable tower at the D.C War Memorial; and a COW at the Capitol Building. One GOAT was installed at the Adelphi switch to ensure wireless functionality. MAC was also called upon by the National Park Service to correct the damage and restore the lawn where the Verizon tower and other carriers were set up.

Grand Prix
Grand Prix Baltimore, Maryland

Client: Verizon Wireless with the Baltimore Hyatt
Status: Completed, Summer 2012

The 2012 Grand Prix, located in downtown Baltimore, required a temporary site of outdoor cabinets placed in the parking garage of the Hyatt hotel located on Light Street. MAC was chosen for this job based on their knowledge and expertise with temp mounts for a solid, safe and professional looking temporary install. MAC installed the equipment and will create a permanent solution in 2014.

VA Gold Cup
VA Gold Cup The Plains, Virginia

Client: Verizon Wireless
Status: Annually recurring Project

An annual job for MAC, the completion of Gold Cup 2013 required the placement of a COW with a temporary wireless tower above. Installation of the COW and all of the hardware and cables around the race track was completed with ease and materials were left set up for an event in October. The utility installation included a temporary microwave hop for the telco and a temporary generator and power fueling. MAC looks forward to working on the VA Gold Cup event next year.