5G Smart Cities

Together, we are working with municipalities to create 5G prepared smart cities by upgrading and enhancing wireless technology to improve residents, tourists, and businesses’ quality of life.

We help municipalities become smart cities by enhancing wireless technology to create efficiencies, improve sustainability, and enhance the quality of life for people living and businesses that operate cities and small towns.

Our markets include


Concealed Antennas

Network Amplifiers

Automobile Charging Stations


Hubs & Data Boosters

Intelligent Car Switches

Our Approach to 5G Smart Cities

Building out the infrastructure to support 5G wireless presents challenges for mobile networks and the municipalities they serve. A sustainable community needs access to a reliable, stable, and secure wireless communication infrastructure. Mid Atlantic Contracting works with your technology planning and development team to make your community 5G sustainable.

Our years of experience benefit our clients as we navigate to address your unique specific infrastructure challenges.  We work directly with business owners, government officials, and town leaders to outline solutions that address wireless communication connectivity issues to help your community become smart city rated.

When available, we will recommend a stealth antenna concealment plan to help keep the community aesthetics uncluttered.

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