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Building Repositioning

Fully committed to our client’s financial success, we approach building repositioning as a team to deliver a modern investment property.

Building repositioning is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, making it necessary for building owners, REIT’s (real estate investment trust), and landlords. Over twenty-five years in the construction industry, our goal is to transform each client’s property into a modern, well-functioning revenue generator. Our team redesigns each space with energy-saving modernization strategies through all phases of demolition, renovations, and new construction.

Our markets include


New Construction

Building Remodel

Technology Infrastructure

Our Approach to Building Repositioning

We listen to property owners and building managers to help identify cost-saving factors before we begin. We work closely with the design engineers to deliver newly reimagined, modern spaces that function best to meet the needs of your tenants and investors.

Mid Atlantic Contracting employs highly skilled innovators who are dedicated to delivering hassle free projects with turnkey results.

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