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Disaster Response Services

Mid Atlantic Contracting responds at the request of Federal, State, municipalities, territories, corporations, and private agencies to natural disasters and provide emergency response services to mission-critical infrastructure. During a natural disaster, health crisis, or humanitarian emergency, our team is ready to coordinate supplies, construction material, and set up communications. We prepare to deploy on an as-needed basis. Our team is background cleared and able to gain access to secure locations.

Access to functioning technology during a crisis is vital for emergency management; real-time communication and fast response are required during and after a natural disaster. We provide communications support, structural modifications, cell tower inspections, and infrastructure repair.


Our markets include

Data Center

Communication Infrastructure

Cell Tower Service

General Contractors

Building Demolition and Repair

Equipment Lease

Our Approach to Disaster Response Services

Grid blackouts, floods, natural disasters happen. Having reliable communication, access to trained general contractors and heavy machinery in the field plays a vital role in our country’s health, communication, safety, and recovery.

Mid Atlantic Contracting has the level of experience, equipment, and project management skillset required during natural disaster emergencies. We listen to your needs and respond quickly. Our emergency response team communicates with your disaster management team to ensure we deliver supplies and workers promptly. Our highly trained essential frontline workers will keep communication lines open and coordinate with you to ensure communities can re-open quickly and operate safely.

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