Infrastructure Upgrades

Mid Atlantic’s team of highly trained and seasoned technicians can handle any existing site upgrades, including 5G technologies.  Unique to Mid Atlantic, we also work hand in hand with tower owners to troubleshoot and design structural components for existing structures.  As an experienced tower modification contractor, we design, measure and fabricate through the lens of the installer, reducing errors and lead times.

Our telecommunications infrastructure services are designed for any tower upgrade or reinforcement project, such as standoff arm reinforcements to add extra power to tower platforms, or sector frame stabilizer kits to add support to existing sector frames. For tower owners to comply with structure loading code requirements, reinforcement projects are done to strengthen the existing telecom infrastructure of the towers. In addition, we handle 5G embedded site tower modifications.

Tower Infrastructure Services
  • Tower Mapping
  • Foundation mapping
  • Modification design
  • Modification Mapping
  • Structural Inspection
Material Fabrication and Forging
  • Mount Upgrades
  • Antenna and Line Upgrades

As part of our tower reinforcement to existing structures, we perform post-modification Inspection

Tower Infrastructure Modifications
  • Tower Extensions
  • Guy Wire Replacement
  • Tower Maintenance Leg Reinforcement
  • Half Pipe Leg
  • Flat Bar Reinforcement
  • Anchor rod
  • Foundation Modifications
  • Plumb and Tension Reinforcement
  • Flat Plate Reinforcement
  • Stand-Alone Broadcast
Technology Upgrades

Modern 5G technology requires Mid Atlantic Contracting to modify existing tower infrastructure as well as build new towers. Additionally, we use outdoor distributed antennas (oDAS) to boost signal strength in small cities, college campuses, large cities, arenas, and stadiums.

Our Approach to Infrastructure Upgrades

We work directly with your engineers and perform metal fabrication in-house, allowing us to turn around custom tower modifications, faster.

Because telecommunications are the lifeblood of communities, businesses and corporations – the industry is under great pressure to achieve 5G readiness. We understand the pressures our clients are under and strive to exceed their expectations in upgrade implementation.

All of our employees are highly trained, and background cleared to ensure access to public and private areas.

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