General Contracting


With Mid Atlantic Contractors as a partner, our clients know they can build with confidence with accurate estimates and scheduling that not only account for today’s market conditions but with the foresight of what’s coming next. This essential phase empowers clients to make informed decisions that will keep operations on time and budget. Focused on design, estimating, project schedule, and budget optimization, our interdisciplinary team, uses a wide range of tools, including system analysis, CPM scheduling, budget creation, physical mock-ups, and “what if” scenarios.

Preconstruction Management

We begin every project by exceeding your expectations at the forefront of our minds while heavily prioritizing the preconstruction process. We Mid Atlantic Contracting goes beyond estimating what a project will cost. Our team includes everything from an initial client meeting to plans, schedules, value engineering, permitting, land acquisition, and more.

Our preconstruction services help identify issues before they are a problem, and that helps our clients make informed decisions early in the project process. Expert advice from our team has helped our clients determine project feasibility, maximizing project value.

  • Optimized Value.
    Our preconstruction experience helps identify construction practicality, cost-effective purchasing, and logistics practices that meet project scope and budget.
  • Efficient Project Scheduling.
    Partnering with our clients, we develop real-time project schedules and options that reflect our experience and collaborative thinking.
  • Cost-effective Purchasing.
    We can help guide, coordinate or execute the purchase of materials and subcontractors based on project goals, estimates, and insight gained from preconstruction planning

Our Approach to Preconstruction

In preconstruction, our team thoroughly assesses, plans for, and mitigates the risks associated with construction projects, including evaluating the site, determining the permit and inspection requirements, and dealing with other special situations before and during construction.

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